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A Reality of Cashless Indian Economy

It marked the first time in Indian history when 80 percent currency was suddenly stopped. It was the staggering decision once said everyone must have gotten in trouble. India with a large business that moves through cash transactions have been largely at a loss. Note captive India heading towards a cashless economy, which if true, it would be in India will take on a new heights. These steps will be stronger than all the countries in the years to come. Indian economy is of the inside part of the black money was raised speaking notes now see that the government is bound to result in the formation of what some benefit to people if they had trouble. It will find out later on but the recent India cashless economy is growing quite fast. India is a country where people use a lot of cash in everyday life. We see that in the coming time which part of India and cashless digital becomes a new program run by the Government of India, which also promote cashless economy. India is a wonderful country which is 95% Cash 85% of the work, do not use the card. India is rapidly heading towards a cashless economy, but the village is not possible to think of it, it will be the digital payment. If noted, India is the only country in the world where online shopping is the cash on delivery option. It is very curious that the people inside the 70% cash on delivery online shopping, where people are moving towards digital payment assumes that people will find it too will adopt digital payments so early. We just can convey likely come to realize it in the future. How many of India’s influence becomes a cashless economy. In India, people still doubt over whether digital payments will own 95% of the country because he is part of the cash payment, how will digital so quickly.


If the whole of India is dreaming of making cashless it quite funny because much of India from the education he will never make digital payments. Who bring considerable problems in the digital payments will be filled. A large section of India who lives in the village. But then many will accept digital payments Since such problems are not we be able to fill it as soon as the mobile network. Going forward, to see that India becomes a cashless how quickly and how beautiful it is in India’s future right. India is going to be the only country in the world where the largest part of the cashless economy that India will see how quickly the guys cashless and how much we contribute. India’s future is just two steps away then see how big India becomes a cashless economy, our contribution in this country is much better dignified.

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  1. Dhairya Dhairya

    Nice one

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  4. Heena Heena

    It’s really nice because I this days poor people have these money

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  5. md aamir khan md aamir khan

    Good decision has take govt

  6. Dinesh puri Dinesh puri

    My Dear PM Narendra modi jee
    Today I am very happy to get this chance to tell some things about this YOJANA
    (This YOJANA can change your life style )
    So I request to all Indian people please cooperate in this YOJANA
    Thanks to all of you

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    All are same but awesome

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    A nice commentable essay

    If we cooperate we will definitely make India cashless

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