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The courses of NACME Education are launched after an initial survey to fulfill all related requirement of the students. Ncame Computer Center has very good staff support and a caring environment which prepare the students for national and international career opportunities in the knowledge-based economy by boosting their employability through job oriented computer or vocational courses and services. Ncame will introduce computer education govt projects/schemes for its computer institute franchise center under tie-up with govt agencies/department.

To get franchisee recognition affiliation of computer centre/Institute or become our computer education franchise or affiliate in India prospective computer centre head has to follow easy/simple method/procedure to get/open/want our computer franchisee or computer affiliation.low investment can apply for our computer education franchise program & computer education affiliation in his/her concerned area, if he/she fulfills all requirements, rules & regulations laid down or prescribed for setting up computer institute or becoming computer franchisee centre in India under our computer education franchise brand name. On completion of all requirements & procedures for becoming & opening our computer centre franchise in India, Ncame head office will offer/grant/award/issue computer affiliation, computer franchisee certificate to its approved & certified centre.

Ncame Vission and Objectives:

*To reduce unemployment in the rural Karnataka through self-employment/ employment.
*To train rural youth so that they can earn their livelihood easily in their own village. This prevents mass migration to cities.
*To promote a culture of Information Technology and introduce it as a career option to rural youth.
*To build a network of grassroot-level organizations across Karnataka promote Rural Computer Literacy.

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